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Welcome to our Family History!

Joan Gray writes:

When I was aged sixteen I started on a family tree asking my relatives what they knew or remembered of their ancestors. For the time it was fairly good, but it only went back two or three generations. In more recent times, helped by a researcher from the Rugby Family History Group, and the internet, I have been able to continue back some 300 years to the first recorded Joseph Goddard born in about 1700

William and Mary Adlington and sons

William was a coal miner On the 13th of March 1864 he married Mary Burton. They had five children. Family reputation was that William was a difficult chap given to taking a drink and indeed the couple separated for a time. The enumerator of the 1881 census stated they were living apart William took up residence with his elderly father nearby They came back together later and daughter Annie Elizabeth was born as a late arrival Mary kept the family together by seaming stockings for the CWS and being a very good needlewoman she was given the finest work spending hours stitching with a candle on one knee to see by.

Notes on Adlingtons

Henry Gray

At this time the horsemen took a great pride in the appearance of their animals spending considerable sums on harness decoration This carried over into their own appearance notably the narrow breeks,flat caps and "nicky tams" At ploughing matches or on the road with their carts they could be seen in full rig Winter evenings were spent in the stables fettling harness seated on the corn kists singing the ballads that became known as corn kisters When he married his wife lamented the folly of spending so much of his hard earned pay on such fripperies

Henry Gray


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George Hall Goddard and sons

L-R William Vardy, George Hall and Joe Hall bricklayers at Tibshelf Colliery

Alexander McIntosh Gray

Served with the Gordon Highlanders in the 1st World War

Aubrey Goddard

Joined his father's Estate Agency maintaining the family reputation for honesty and integrity

Robert Lawson Gray

Tragically committed suicide at age 30 after his fiance broke off their engagement

Four Generations of Baldwin's

Back L-R Fredrick, Robert and Joyce. Mary at Front

Leslie & Jane Jaffray

Recorded as being of their golden wedding 20th June 1890 However Jane (or Jean) died earlier in that year

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