Descendants of John Jaffray
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John Florence and Family
John Florence and Family
Letter accompanying this photo from Jeff Gray to his sister Isabella:

"Here is another photo from Thomas Florence of Glasgow It shows the family of John Florence brother to our grandmother Mary Florence at their croft at Bog Glenfoudland and has no date but might belong to the same sequence as the one from Jimmy Malcolm which was dated 1922 on the back with the name of the house or farm but not the couple in the picture

There were 11 children (I think I had listed only 5 until Thomas sent me more details)
Of interest is Maggie Forbes Florence Mrs Faskin in the front row and he has a query against her. I have a query also since Maggie was the eldest and she sure does not look like that on this photo

On my list after Maggie is Elizabeth who drowned in the dam at Greenhall Insch in 1918
She was found dead in the morning and I have no information nor do I recall ever being told anything

Then John was killed in France also in 1917 and he is buried there. The commonwealth war graves commission gives lots of details of the battles around the burial places there but no exact details of the individuals

I think there is maybe at least one error of identification on the photo as the dates do not seem to tally If Patrick Mitchell Florence in the front row is correctly dated born 1904, then Adam Rind Florence in the third row must be an error as his birth is given only 3 years later and he looks only a little lad by comparison

Incidentally you will not fail to notice the name Patrick M Florence and guess who the doctor was at the birth

I wonder what the occasion was? They are all dressed up. I think Minnie looks a sweetie and I have nothing more on her. There are lots of weddings in the family in the early twenties remember ?Lucy goes to the ball??"
  15 Jul 2019